Created in 2019 by the founder - Lyselia, the idea of opening a handmade leather goods store crossed her mind whilst she was struggling to find the perfect gift for her husband but she found that was no easy task. Turning to online for a solution it quickly became apparent that finding a gift that was unique, personal, and full of meaning was difficult and limited…

At this time, she was living and working in Vietnam. While looking around, she got to know a workshop that made customized gifts from leather, and there she found the perfect gift that she was always dreaming about. Since then, she is fascinated with leather items. She wanted to introduce these meaningful, durable, beautiful, and unique leather items so she started to give these items to her acquaintances and friends and everyone loves them. That is why she created this brand - Lysleather.


The leather items you won’t find anywhere else!  Exquisite quality comes from Vietnam- a place famous for high-quality leather and high-end handmade craftsmanship. A careful material selection process has always carried out which lets us identify and put our trust in only the most qualified suppliers. We use full-grain leather, the strongest and most durable leather available, to create stunning products that only get better with age. The leather is stitched with waxed thread, ensuring quality for years to come.

Your leather item is handcrafted and is as unique as you are!  Most of the items are made to order so they can be personalized with an engraved monogram. Personalization adds character to the leather goods and makes each item one of a kind.


When you purchase a leather good on the internet, we understand it's not easy to fully grasp the feeling of the beautiful leather, the earthy smell of the leather, and the details of our signature hand-stitching and smooth hand finishes around the edges.

But we promise, you will receive exactly what you see in the pictures; items, which, we have made and personalized for you. Produced with traditional methods, your leather goods will last as long as you expect.

By supporting us, you are helping the artisans earn a fair income in safe working conditions. Together, we break the cycle of poverty and improve the lives of thousands of artisans in developing countries like Vietnam.